Review: Jūras Lietus – Dark Frank


After a very strong start with Ivanov’s deep and soulful “New Sky” E.P, WaveReform brings us its second imprint in the form of yet another debut release from a young eastern european, this time he’s called Jūras Lietus (Latvia) .

Lietus switches the groove slightly towards a dub techno vibe with the title track “Dark Frank”, but very much in keeping with the crystalline production displayed on WRFM001. With Dark Frank Lietus offers us straight to the point 4/4 number with airy atmospheres and a warm lead that sounds like it could have been channeled through the distortion of an old overdriven valve amp. The percussion has some subtle phasing and features an rather quirky element that sounds kind of like a winding up a mechanical machine, beneath this all is solid kick with a two note offbeat staccato bassline that drives the tune nicely forward. Very functional and DJ friendly, with definite summer time connotations.

On the B-side Leitus takes things a little deeper replacing the lead with some full bodied metallic percussive, which he allows to feedback on breakdowns creating a discordant tone which sets a contrast to when the beat drops back in. In a different context the lead would compliment something of a more industrial style rather nicely, but by placing a high cut warm housey synth underneath it and coupling it with slightly funky percussion the result is a tune a quite distinctive flavour for its sub genre.

WaveReform’s mission statement is to “reform the sound sphere with simple and elegant tracks that demand attention and bring unknown talent deserved notice”, I’d say they are doing a stirling job thus far and I’m interested to see where direction they go from here!

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