Review: Nir Shoshani – Singular Remixes EP PT1

Tel Avivs own Nir Shoshani caries on his string of digital releases with the first remix package of his Singular EP, out now on Punch music. All three tracks are Techno at heart but take definite inspiration from the House sound.

Agaric sets the scene with the first remix. ‘Midnight sail’ stays true to its name keeping the vibe understated and reflective. Ice cold synth stabs pierce through a squirming bassline to great effect. The percussion is also pretty cool and precise but it takes a back seat allowing the synth and bass to do the hard work. Subtle atmospherics swirl around throughout the track keeping it a little hazy and adding a touch of warmth to the piece. The track has some nice points to it but doesn’t really evolve too much, not that this is negative thing. It works really well as a cool rolling bass heavy Techno track. It’s understated and groovy but always interesting and production wise it sounds great.

Heavy compressed kicks start off Jay Tripwire’s remix of ‘Singular’ to a pounding start. The destination however is certainly not apparent from the opening bars. A dubby LFO synth line arrives to put you off the scent before the track starts to evolve. With a filtered Acid bass line slowly rising to the surface it breaks through after a short flurry of high hats that raise the tension in the track nicely. Jay tripwire has made this remix particularly DJ friendly with a long intro and outro for those long blending mixes. This track again feels quite rolling like Agaric’s Remix with a heavier bolder edge.

Muzarco has remixed ‘Sinai’ with interesting and complex percussion work. The track builds for a long time introducing different layers of percussive groove before dropping down into a stripped back beat and synth line that leads into a winding down outro. He has used interesting elements to build the track up with some nice bell and clav type rhythmic elements. This track leans towards the Italian, Spanish minimalist sound and I would say is definitely more accessible for the average partygoer. There’s also some great synth work in here taking this track more towards the House side of the fence.

For me the remixes have improved upon Nir Shoshanis originals. All seem to have wound up the tempo and found a little more tension that Shoshani’s more naturally evolving slower sound.

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