Review: Oroblanco – Unknown Pleasures


Oroblanco is a semi-unknown label that has immediately succeeded in embodying the current music scene.
The lable was born in August 2017 and produces essentially unknown artists.
There are really few informations available about artists, producers or collaborators. The certainty is just about the German nationality. Quite uncertain is the origin of the name: Oroblanco is in fact a sweet seedless citrus hybrid fruit similar to grapefruit. However, these are just simple suppositions at the moment. The first release, we only have the catalog number, OROB001, 180 gr vinyl, consisting of two tracks. Let’s discover them together…

Side A

Chello which is naturally more translatable with Cello, essentially suggests the execution of the four strings instrument. The classic reference is therefore very strong and the structure of the track itself presupposes at least musical knowledge prepped. The track, as well as the other one we will talk about shortly, could undoubtedly be defined as a Minimal and Microhouse track. Double pauses, together with all the other other sounds, can really hit and excite, positively, the emotional sphere of the listener ad create intense feelings.  This sound creates strong vibes and it goes straight to your  heart. What we hear is simply chord. Chord, and silence. Then the music explodes and breaks back in a really impressive way. Personally I feel very emotional listening to Chello. This is a music we often forget. Too often, I think,  we forget the beauty of classical music and above all, we forget its power to remain immortal.

Side B
Jack’s Notes.
In this case the “supporting column” is a piano.
Piano magically draws the melody of the track, which, among other things, is enriched by different sounds such as the sound of the gulls. Jack’s Notes is like telling you a personal story. It is like a box full of memories. Here as well, there is a long break and the piano is the only main character. Still, the classic touch is inevitable. The way the power of modern music has been combined with classic touches, makes everything simply amazing. Silence and then again the overture; this time the minimal touch gets stronger. Would be really interesting to know if these are sampled sounds or they are own creations of the artist, but as I sai get more informations is not easy evem if you go with a big search! In any case the result is an inevitably emotional and magical album; I didn’t listen to anything that fascinated me so much for quite a while.
My boyfriend accidentally found the vinyl and he fell in love with it from the first listening. We do not know much about Oroblanco. Let’s just hope they will keep release this music.


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