Review: Purple Velvet Curtains – She Can Get It

Just like a big old Ferris wheel, music works in cycle. Genres hop on and off, some sneak off behind the ghost train to mate, emerging with cool sounding babies with slightly silly names, some queue up frantically on the roller-coaster’s platform waiting for an opportunity that might not show its face and some, like Bassline, just mess about in the funhouse by themselves until everyone picks up on how cool the genre was in the first place.

Originating from Sheffield and its infamous Niche night-club, Bassline had its hour of wide-spread glory in the early 2000’s before dropping under the radar. Despite still going strong in underground circles around Sheffield and South-West UK (albeit as a harder and wonkier version) thanks to labels like Off Me Nuts Records or Mutant Bass, the genre seemed to have all but disappeared from clubs until the last two years which fortunately saw us witness the rebirth of instrumental Grime and the advent of bassier forms of House which all unashamedly borrowed some of the sonic characteristics of Bassline (low-end whomps, smiley squelches…).

To kick 2014 off as the official Bassline resurrection year, ex BBC radio 1xtra DJ and allover legend DJ Q is launching his new label Q Recordings with a release by 20 year old Brighton based and interior designedly named producer Purple Velvet Curtains.

The opening track She can get it starts off tough with pinging sirens and a somber pitched down vocal sample before dropping into a stuttering 2tep rhythm with a massively bouncy bass commandeering lead role. The vocal line and sirens weave themselves in an out of the track, maintaining intensity and a dark atmosphere throughout.

Starting off slightly slower, You know my man unfolds through staggered kick patterns and synth sweeps, with vocal snippets hurrying into a tight and eminently danceable beat. The song manages to integrate elements of Grime, Garage and Bassline while exuding a great deal of class and we’ll certainly be hearing this tune in a very diverse array of sets over the coming months.

Both tracks are awesomely lively and Purlpe Velvet Curtains has seen his music supported by UK Funky, Grime and Garage heavyweights such as Marcus Nasty, Barely Legal, Rossi B & Luca and Flava D thanks to his tight production skills and his ability to craft songs that achieve a perfect balance between tough and smooth, a balance that UK producers seem to have an innate talent for.

She can get it / You know my man is set for release on January 27th and Q recordings is already most certainly shaping itself as a crucial actor of the reemerging Bassline/Garage/Grime-hybrid scene alongside labels like Party Like Us (with AC Slater back on top form and seemingly unstoppable), Butterz (the likes of Flava D, Swindle and Royal T having killed 2013 by dropping potent tunes with a consistency that borders on ridiculous) or Four 40 records.

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