Review: Reggy van Oers – Evasive EP

reggy affinAffin produces another 4 track EP this time headed up by Reggy van Oers. Also included are two remixes by the ever-present Jonas Kopp and Ness.

Evasive opens the release in a straight and direct style. Dark and brooding it rolls and rolls in a reduced and minimal way through a desolate backdrop of machine like samples.

Jonas Kopp’s remix of Evasive is right on the money. Capitalizing on the vibe of the original but adding layers of techy drums and weird noises Kopp has really improved on the original here making it a much more catchy track. Going to be playing this when I go home and have a mix tonight.

Sinuosity is again very stripped back and minimal. It is for me a stronger track than the first and has a nice quietly optimistic vibe that travels through the song.

The Ness remix is again stronger than its original track. The Kick drum along with the bass sits nicely together in tough rolling style whilst the pads of the original have been reworked to become more transient and evolving.

For me the two remixes on this EP are stronger than the originals. True it’s a tall order to outdo Jonas Kopp at present but these tracks are a bit too static for my taste. They are well produced but are lacking an element of interest that the remixers have been able to add. Don’t get me wrong I like stripped back and minimal but I don’t feel like Im being taken anywhere and that’s the part for me that’s missing. The remixes are well worth a look however.

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