Review: Richard Davis – Same Room


Originally hailing from London, Richard Davis has been a Berliner expat who for 15 years now has been balancing out the Techno capitals sound with his ‘maximal’ house music. Davis is one of those very few electronic producers that will lay sing on his own tracks, but he has also made a name for himself providing vocals for Trentemoller, Swayzak and playing in the live band Dominque.

In the “Same Room” E.P Davis sticks to his guns with a two dance floor vocal pop house tracks. “Same Room” starts off D.J friendly with a saw tooth bass surfacing from a bouncy house 4/4 beat, a few flashes of the vocals that return in their proper form when the tune eventually drops. Further in the vocals then give away to a melodic lead woven from various synths layered together in some progressive cruscendo, to vocals come back at various points but the lead dominates as slowly more elements are added to it later in the tune, resulting in something that is wonderfully rich and hard to ignore.

“Tuesday” gives a bit more focus to Davis’ vocal timbre merely by having more lyrical content and narrative. There is a similar playful amalgamation of synths as in “Same Room” but this time they take a little less focus by sitting lower in the mix, whilst right at the top end of the spectrum is some fidgety noisy hi hats which fritter about restlessly in a rich reverb providing a lot of airiness to the overall mix.

The 3rd track is a remix of “Tuesday” provided by Danza Macabra, where the vocals take a back seat and to provide space for a thick noisy synth drenched in reverb the sum of which dominates the audial spectrum and the track.

This release culminates in something more distinguished then the majority of house, with an imprint that would work even better in an album context, I hope that is what Davis has planned as would be interesting to see him develop this sound further. Out now on Danza Macabra Records!

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