Review: Sound Strider – The Padovan Sequence


Most music exists purely in an aesthetic sphere, its sole purpose is to appease our brains by providing sounds that slot together in a way that bypasses thought and provokes personal emotions. Then there are people that approach music from a more pure an non culture biased artistic motive, Sound Strider falls into this category. Self described as “Psychedelic Ethno Trigga Funk for the Information Generation” Strider has clearly taken a conscious trajectory to deviate from conventions.

“The Padovan Sequence” forthcoming on La Briche Records is a title that will grab the attention of the math geeks out there, its a sequence similar to the more famous Fibonacci, from which Strider has extracted the four numbers 86,114,151 and 200, which he uses as the BMP for the 4 tunes on his E.P.

The first track Polyegg Eighty-Six, due to its very low BPM for an electronic tune its is the most deviant. It essentially a Dub track, with a kick drum hopping on an off beat, lots of things playing about in a delay, but with lots of impressive sound design through the track, then a highly unexpected and bizarre appearance of some classical strings at the end.

Operation Mindfuck 1.14 is a 4/4 track that has its foundations in pop more then anything else, with rapping vocals provided by Wax Prophet, again layered with interesting sound design.

Sun Power Knowledge as a 4/4 track at 151bpm works better with a high res kick drum, and consequently sounds a bit like a psy-trance tune, but then again not like any psy track I’ve heard. It has a piano lead, an atmospheric breakdown which ends with some heavily chopped jungle amens, and an all round strange combination of elements that will make it stand out.

TAZ 200 starts of with some melancholic strings, which give away to a kick pattern that is faster then your average gabber tune, but slower then speed core. Some bells, organs, speech samples, synth accordians and a whole bunch of other elements combine to make a track like you’ve never heard before.

Padovan Sequence may not be the first thing I’d stick on at a party, but it is the most interesting and memorable thing I’ve ever reviewed or listened to in a considerable while, which is impressive! I’m intrigued to know what concept will provide fuel for Sound Strider’s next release and what crazy aural interpretation he fashions.

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