Review: Trax & Wax


Trax & Wax is the first vinyl subscription service focused on dance music, enabling wax fans to receive a surprise box of records delivered straight to their homes every month for a monthly or yearly fee.

While the idea of a subscription service for records is nothing new, dating back to the US in the 50’s, recent years have seen a resurgence in the model with a number of companies popping up the other side of the Atlantic.

Founded by Manon Clayeux and Thomas Amundsen, Trax & Wax offer 4 boxes, ranging from old-school to new school, passing through disco and the flagship Trax & Wax box. While our first reaction to the service was somewhat sceptical, given the often adverse results of the commercial exploitation of dance music, our apprehensions were quickly hushed when we saw the curators involved: Clone, Rush Hour, Syncrophone and Wordandsound. Someone had quite obviously done their homework.

Our attention was first drawn to the Old School Box. Having recently inched one step closer to 30, it seemed liked the most fitting. Clone is on curation duties here and it’s very hard to expect anything else but quality from the Dutch powerhouse. On the label side, Clone Classic Cuts, Underground Resistance, Trax, Strictly Rhythm, Peacefrog and more battle it out, with the Soundcloud player hinting at EPs by Jovonn, Obsolete Music Technology, Paul Johnson and Underground Resistance. Tight stuff.

The Trax & Wax Box promises a selection of house and deep-house records. Once again you know you’re in good hands, as it’s the Rush Hour crew that is behind the selection. The likes of Robsoul, MCDE, Bosconi and Dekmantel all make the cut here.

Shift your attention over to the Disco Box and it’s French record shop and distributor Syncrophone that lead the charge with labels like Futureboogie, House Of Disco and Running Back.

Last up is the Nu School box, which promises a mix of new tech-house and techno releases: aka the one with the potential for the more vanilla material. Even then we have to admit that the selection isn’t actually bad. German distributor Wordandsound go for music which isn’t exactly out there but which remains decent and safe throughout should you be inclined to the likes of Sebo K, Crosstown Rebels, Ostgut Ton, Kompakt et al.

Now for the technicalities. Boxes are priced at £31,90 for 4 records a month or £19,90 for 2 records a month with extra shipping costs on top. A slight discount comes if you prepay 6 months in one go. You can switch between boxes every month as well, should you wish to expand your musical horizons, which is pretty neat.

The concept and the implementation of Trax & Wax are interesting. Reasonable prices, top notch curation and flexible plans make this one worth trying out. If you’re waiting for that hidden gem that no one else has ever heard, you best keep digging though.

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