Safta Tutti & LSD present: Morgan Hammer, Franz Underwear, Katzele @Sameheads (Berlin)

saftabannerTonight, July 26th our friends Katzele from the 84%creativity collective and Franz Underwear, the head of Slowmotion Records are doing their first event-collab in berlin together. It takes place at Sameheads (Berlin)and showcases an organic mixture of ItaloDisco, French-Electro and British Post-Industrial sounds. They invited Morgan Hammer who recently had releases on Clouded Vision, Relish, Biologic records and support by the likes of Kasper Bjorke, Headman and Ewan Pearson. She will rock your world, and then pick you up from the floor with a smile.



Katzele (84%Creativity)
Morgan Hammer (Relish/Biologic)
Franz Underwear (SlowMotion, Sameheads)

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