Selektor: Fall 2013 Treasures Pt. IV


Spanish Annie Hall‘s EP “Random Paraphilia” with five original tracks and remixes by Richard Devine, Valance Drakes and ERP. Experimental sounds out on Detroit Underground.

Dark techno and legendary collaboration between Perc‘s imprint Perc Trax and PoleGroup. 4 original tracks: “Recharger” by Reeko, “Alpha Particle” by Christian Wünsch, “405” by Perc and “Trivoli” by Sawf.

Chicago‘s Hakim Murphy EP “Chiffre” includes four tracks: “Tegal E” ,”Gangsta Glide“, “Nabodani” remixed by New Yorker DJ Spider and “Vatitio” remixed by Seattle Mindshift label owner, Murdoc

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