Simfy Stream: Apparat – The Devil’s Walk

The Devil’s Walk” one can say, is obviously structurally and musically influenced by the fundamental minimalism of Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 musicians”. Especially from the track “Escape” and on a whole new direction is introduced almost deceiving the listeners from what starts as a little more “pop” Apparat album to a total homage/interpretation of early minimalism of the qualities of La Monte Young and Terry Riley with vocalisms that remind us of the protracted melodic howls of Thome Yorke. The minimalism element is present throuout the whole record somehow dictating the musical philosophy of  “The Devil’s Walk”. The alouminioum chopped beats that Apparat taught us in the past are not as present in this album making it obviously a turning point in his carrier towards different experimentations and musics. Maintaining his style, of course, in this record Apparat has recorded songs rather than tracks. Atmosphere has always been one of the main characteristics of Apparat’s work but in this case it’s the environment that the album is happening within. From the beginning till the middle it flirts with styles around dream pop and an electronic type of shoegaze slowly turning towards its final destination, the eary minimalism. Quite a pleasant surprise as it suggests a musical mind that keeps evolving with full respect to the fans and music itself.

Stream the whole album via Simfy here:

Video: Apparat – Black Water:

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