Simply The Best: Thomas Von Party from Montreal

This is our interview series where we ask some of the coolest people on the planet: Djs – that on top tend to travel more than normal humans – to give us some tips about their hometowns and their trips. This time it’s Thomas von Party‘s turn. The man with the immaculate taste, the party lord, who is behind two of our favorite labels Turbo Recordings and Multi Culti and also multi skilled: a dj, producer and video director. Looks like awesomeness runs in the family, as Thomas is Tiga‘s brother!


My name is Thomas Von Party and my hometown is Montreal.

When I am in my hometown, I usually go to grab a bite at, have a drink at Kabinet, for concerts at Death House or le Maison Symphonique and to party at Datcha.

A typical food of my hometown is the bagel and drink is maple syrup.

My favorite neighbourhood is Mile End, the best record shop is Phonopolis and the most interesting museum is the musée des beaux arts.

You should go shopping at Les Étoffes, go to Cheskies to hang out with the locals and spend your Sunday afternoon at Mont Royal park.

You can get the best view at the lookout, should go to the cemetiere de mont royal for a walk and to the dollar cinema for a romantic date.

My special sightseeing tip would be hillbilly night at the wheel club on cavendish.


In the summer visit Europe, in the autumn Canada, in the winter Goa and in the spring somewhere by the sea.

Go to somewhere else for the beaches, to the Himalayas for the mountains, to an AA meeting for its people and to India for the prices.

The best place for clubbing is Berlin, for food is Thailand and for shopping is Japan.

If you want to relax you should go to an island and if you want to live an adventure to look deep inside.

Everywhere is very exotic and Burning Man was a culture shock.

I would like to live in a tree, but would never consider living in the water.

The place I have visited the most is Goa, because it’s my spot.

I would like to visit Peru.

My favorite place of all is Joe Banana’s.



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