Stream: Atari Teenage Riot – Collapse of History Remixes

Berlin hardcore dissenters Atari Teenage Riot were among a new generation of German techno artists (also including ATR’s Alec Empire, EC80R, Speed Freak, DJ Bleed, etc.) who sought to reconnect music with political radicalism through ever more challenging, experimental hybrids, engaging everything from speed metal and acid to jungle and hardcore punk.

This is the first instalment of the two part Collapse of History EP, with the second to follow in April.
Alec Empire : “Our new single is called Collapse of History! It is an anthem for our generation. Information overload in the digital age. The track has a big war chant, which went down extremely well with festival crowds since we started playing it live. Can’t wait to perform this at Coachella !!! ”

Watch the video of Christine performing their remix of Atari Teenage Riot‘s “Collapse Of History” :

” We have just finished our video (online) for the track in Paris with a great cast of actors. The location of the shoot was a mental institution in the suburbs. It was wild!!!

It’s another single that is sung by Nic Endo who takes ATR into a new direction. B52s, L7, riot grrrl, Blondie, Deee-Lite were an inspiration. I had to do forty over- dubs, because we thought it would be funny to have a little army of Alec Empire clones singing along. The biggest inspiration for this song was probably the Atari video game classic Pong.

We did a remix contest, AND also got official remixes done by a number of amazing producers! The next two months of our campaign will focus on Collapse Of History! We are putting out this full on remix EP first, then will follow it up with the single later. It’s perfect for DJs to spin.”

You can listen to  remixes here :

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Remixers include Christine (who have worked with Amon Tobin and Nag Nag Nag), StereoHeroes (M.I.A. and Pony Pony Run Run remixes), Shark- slayer (releases on the Kitsune and Yes, Yes labels), and Twist The Black Box (noted for work with Diplo and Teeth).

And here is for our reader a special gift, Atari Teenage Riot – “Activate (Live in Tokyo)” from upcoming album “Riot In Japan” on free download:

Atari Teenage Riot have announced the release of a live album titled Riot In Japan 2011,  on sale via Digital Hardcore Recordings on 27 February.

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