Stream: Azari and III – Hungry for the Power

You probably know already the quartet Azari and III from their the world hit Hungry for the Power, but now their track is out  on Turbo Recordings with four remixes (and a Dub version), that will delight the fans who are tired of the original version of the song.

The EP begins with this remix quite Old School by Jamie Jones straight out of the 90s, rhythm and voice looped into linear and are the main features and make it fun for djs to play and for the public to dance to. Art Department gives us a rather funky remix, but still the remix by Guy Gerber really stands out.

The remix by  Sei A is for me the most special of the maxi. The heavy atmosphere is a haunting reminder of the immense Burial sound. The last remix is a dubstep one.

Note that the album of the Canadian quartet is planned for the month of July, so be patient and listen to the teaser here:

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