Stream: Clouds – I Care Because You Don’t

clouds turbo
Clouds have jumped straight to the fore of the UK techno scene with their flagship style of ‘post-knackered’ techno. They’ve released on the likes of Fifth Wall, Perc Trax and Soma, and are guaranteed to make their mark on many many more labels in the coming years. The duo, hailing from Scotland, are making their return to Turbo to present a compilation which they themselves have defined as ‘quite manky and a little bit mad’.

In true Clouds fashion, they have made a dirty concoction of jungle, electro and knarly techno. The album is made up primarily of track which their mates gave them, adding to the specialness of it. It also features two brand new tracks from the duo called ‘Blood Skating‘ and ‘Don’t Sweat the Technique‘, two absolute belters which are guaranteed to destroy clubs all over the world. You should expect nothing but blood-curdling leads, speaker destroying beats and an exhilarating  journey into their self-described realm of ‘Scottish hooligan techno’.

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