New Video: Database – New Disco

Lucio Morais and Yuri Chix, started music in 2005 and were gathering people together to the dancefloor of São Paulo’s legendary, now-extinct club, “AmpGalaxy”! This new local fame was the driving force behind the idea to create something new — a fresh live dance act with original beats – called DATABASE.

Their popularity has grown since they crossed the borders and has given them the opportunity to remix Fatboy Slim amongst others, play in some of the biggest Brazilian festivals along with Kanye West, MGMT… and even to do a US tour with French Horn Rebellion!

“New Disco” is the debut EP from DATABASE, in which they express all their style and attitude! Composed of three original tracks, it pays great tribute to their sense of the beat and mixes damn well electro, techno with old school disco sounds and vocals!

Certainly, the Parisian label Kitsuné pampers Brazilians: after The Twelves it was the turn of Database to release an EP with three tracks, entitled New Disco.
Title that suits them perfectly, since it is exactly the music produced by the duo. “New Disco” is indeed a funky electro, techno-flavored, robotics and warm track, which does not fail to offer a significant character to this EP, picky and juicy. We want more!

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