Stream: Deekay Jones – Jones Comin’ Down

Shaddock Records
are known for their special underground releases. This 12″ is one of those. Does it sound retro to you? Well, that’s because it is! Dennis Kelley and Bruce Grant aka Deekay Jones produced the track “New York, New York” back in 1981, but it stayed unnoticed and was only included in the “The Pulse Of New York” compilation. Two other unreleased tracks are included: “Hirasaki” and “Feel It In Your Gut” and a remix by the amazing Andy Butler aka Hercules & The Love Affair and his Viennese buddies Ha-Ze Factory, who transformed the track into a dancefloor anthem. Rare 80’s electrodance experimental sounds on this release, that make it a must have! Grab your copy here!

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