Stream: Dr Gonzo – Bust ‘Em Up

This maxi 3 tracks from an unexpected collaboration has finally arrived on Southern Fried Records. Crookers present Savage Skulls, Wax Motif Neoteric and Dr. Gonzo. We are proposing these three incredible titles that will rock the clubs in the coming weeks, if not already.

Vocals, rhythmic and jerky extraordinary efficiency: the¬†Bust ‘Em Up EP proves to be pretty upbeat and pervert. Highly addictive, it is already playlisted by many Popular DJ, has enormous potential and it almost reinvents banger.

Vocals are also present on Get the Fuck Out My House: with cuts through the vocals and of well-placed punchlines, Dr. Gonzo serves us with a loud song, well-structured and with a relentless pace, where even the break sounds crazy.
On Springer is saturated almost hardcore at some points but without becoming unbearable. This EP will definitely become a success with its corrosive and aggressive, but at the same time joussive and catchy sounds.

Bust ‘Em Up is available on Beatport, you can enjoy a preview of it here:

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