Stream: Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Music has an igniting ability, sound travels through speakers,amps, earphones and into our ears illuminating and transcending our experience. If you haven’t checked out the Texan quartet, Explosions In The Sky‘s and their album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, you must! The six instrumental tracks are purely poetic.

Musicians experiment with the relationships between sound and music, just as writer’s experiment with the relationship between words and context. Explosions In The Sky challenges the concept of meaningful sound and differentiates sound from noise. The idea of noise being an unpleasant, loud and meaningless sound is quite the contrary on this album.

The name of the tracks are abstract and poetic giving each song characteristics and expectations. One track that expresses abstract ideas is “Human Qualities”, a transient and philosophical collaboration that focuses not only on the science of sound but also its’ intricacies as guitar strings pluck back and forth. The charming melodies stream gracefully as if spontaneity and sound are meant to tease the listener.

The absence of lyrics will not alter your experience, its purely emotional! Each track uses the technique of pacing, you’ll hear the drum and electric guitar for segments of the song then they’ll fade out for a momentary silence, leaving what feels like an eternity without sound – that’s when the melody changes! The velocity of the electric guitar and drumkit are typically the sole masterminds behind the influx of sound.

So the name of the band, Explosions In The Sky, quite appropriately reflects their musical techniques, explosion, which means a sudden outburst of noise, light or sound is exactly what takes place and instead of the sky being the intangible canvas on which to display celestial sound, like fireworks flickering, our own minds and ears become the canvas. So listen to even a segment of Explosions In The Sky and hopefully you’ll experience something brilliant, significant because they truly represent the nature of music -impactful yet fleeting.

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