Stream: Golden Bug and Dakar – Magia Potagia

Out since April 29th this EP proves Golden Bug to be particularly catchy. Consisting of 7 tracks, it includes 4 originals and 3 remixes all good and mixing sensual groove and sounds sometimes exotic, always catchy.

“Golden Bug masters bass” takes another meaning on all tracks on this maxi. The hoarse voice (the Dakar) brings a special uniqueness to these tracks effectively cut for the dancefloor, mature and sensual as you like it. This French emigrated to Barcelona ventures in many different genres. Prevailing is the sensual Electro-Pop Funky House what could qualify it be a “Gomma”.

No surprise on the side of remixers: Mustang makes it as groovy as it gets and then offers a little more instrumental version, more pleasant in any case is the remix of Jad & the Ladyboy.

The German label Gomma keeps up its excellent reputation and this EP gives us a perfect summer feeling, and beautiful tunes to listen in middle of the night at a club as well as during a sunny afternoon at home. Listen here :

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