Stream: Jai Paul – Jai Paul (Debut Album)


Back in 2010 Jai Paul, from Rayners Lane, London, uploaded his first demo on his Soundcloud page and everybody went crazy overnight. One of those that loved Jai Paul´s first demo, “BTSTU“, was Drake that actually used it for his track Dreams Money Can Buy. Since then, he signed to XL recordings released a couple of singles collaborated with Big Boi and remained under-covered.

Same manner his first demo came to light, this last Saturday Jai Paul released his so much anticipated debut album, unannounced and quietly on his Bandcamp page. The way that Jai Paul dropped  his album in public and his raw and mysterious, yet pop, production made people questioning the originality of the release.

Actually we still don´t know if this is the so much anticipate debut album or a mixtape. But who cares? What matters is that here you have 16 tracks of Jai Paul`s ingeniousness. This is one of the best things you will listen this year, turn up the volume and enjoy!

Although the tracks are still unnamed, we find the tracks that made us love Jai Paul, a cover of Jennifer Paige`s top hit “Crush” and his new tracks.  

Jai Paul´s debut album un official tracklist (so far).

01. Track 1
02. Str8 Outta Mumbai / Flip It
03. Track 3
04. Track 4
05. Genevieve
06. Track 6
07. Track 7
08. Track 8
09. Jasmine
10. 100, 000
11. Crush (Jennifer Paige cover)
12. Baby Beats
13. Track 13
14. Chix
16. BTSU

Download: Jai Paul – Jai Paul (Debut Album)