Stream: Lapalux – 4EVA feat. Talvi

Photo Credit: Ozge Cone
Photo Credit: Ozge Cone

Flying Lotus label Brainfeeder just shared the brand new track ‘4EVA feat. Talvi’ by UK producer Lapalux. Lifted from his forthcoming album “Ruinism” on Brainfeeder which will be released July 28th, 2017, the instrumental was born out of a jam session playing guitar, Korg Polysix and messing about looping a cassette, but it didn’t gel until Lapalux reached out to Talvi.

I’d been a fan of her band Prince Innocence for a while and loved her low slung, seemingly effortless style of singing. As soon as I got the vocals from her it all fell into place and I rebuilt the whole song again to fit around them


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