Stream: Lost Frontiers – s/t EP

lostfrontiersbannerTo describe Indie group Lost Frontiers,  simply eloquent from beginning to end. Lead vocalist Patrick Durkee brimms with talent that reflects the contemplative, Indie soul. His melancholic vocals are perfect for an aesthetic bike ride, road trip or train ride. Tracks like “Civil War,”  illustrate a longing for reconicilation among brothers with lyrics, “We’ve lost the innocence we used to know the darkness in our souls have taken hold ,you are wrong and I am wrong, and everything’s not fine but it’s not too late to make our wrongs right.

The cadence in Duarke’s voice draws out this longing for reconcilation, experimenting with raspy, low vocal ranges. While the percussion creates a galloping warlike effect, one that does not involve soldiers, battalions and weapontry but one of sibling rivarly, disconnection and memory…something that we all can relate to. Civil War is just one of the many tracks listed on their web page. After listening to “Civil War” if your ears crave more from this ever so talented group check out more of their EP’s: Bonneville” “Word” “Shout” and “Everything to Me” below.

Stream: Lost Frontiers – s/t EP

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