Stream: M.A.N.D.Y vs Adultnapper – BUS TED

M.A.N.D.Y vs Adultnapper‘s Bus Ted is an elliptical journey of the music chemistry between these three artists. The bongo drums and the melodic vibration of the various sounds with the inner vocals in this mix create a sensational journey into sound.
Kenny Larkin in his Long Neve Remix shows his charisma in full effect and amplitude position throughout this remix that plays perfectly with the vocals. Kris Wadsworth‘s Remix is that clap, is your back uproar of a remix with a deep melody, a real kicker and joyful pimp action pumped with a twist of funk. The Daria mix is a tropical flame kicker with a Caribbean flavor that makes you jump up rather than relax. The H2 remix is a jazz funk tribal notion of characteristic turn-style. With a great pitch of deception coming at you the vocal action is disco jumping like white on rice.
Listen here and Enjoy:

Released by: Get Physical Music – Release date: Apr 27, 2012

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dRe▲m c▲Tcher in the Rye - MUSIC COMPOSER - SOUND DESIGNER- DJ - REMIXER - BLOGGER @Localsuicide @Wishyouwerehear from Paris . " Some DJ careers are built on hype. Emeraldia Ayakashi’s career is built on substance. A musician who thinks of music as energy, uses sound as a raw material, and sees the whole world as his instrument. " On 24th of August 2012, she released E.P " I Walk to the Beat of my Own Drum " with "Sometimes", "Orage" and "I Walk to the beat of my Own Drum" on Reiz Muzik ( IT ) .


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