Stream: Noir and Richard davis – Found Out

This time Noir teamed up with Berlin-based Richard Davis for his beautiful vocal work and the result are just as emotional, heartfelt and dark .

Noir got interested in electronic music at the early age of 6-7 years old when he was introduced to some of Kraftwerk’s early 80s work. Being electronically influenced at that early stage in his life it obviously left a hunger for exploring the industry even more when he hit his teens.

Noir was very inspired by the late 80’s house, techno, acid and rave cultures coming from Chicago, Detroit, New York and especially all that was going on in the UK at that time.
Today he still rates guys like Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May & Juan Atkins as some of his biggest inspirations for becoming a dj and producer.

This track is huge and pretty sexy for a sunset trip , this is the follow-up single to the huge club-hit “Noir & Haze – Around” from 2011. Noir has once again turned a blind eye to the trends, kept his own style/sound and created something outstanding for the electronic music lover.

“Found Out” is a original track that brings you into the realm of that tech house magical feeling of the memories we all have had in our past of that love we thought was true under the skin; but we found out was a narrative fallacy as reality it was a false situation. Noir & Richard Davis have with this track brought a magnitude of ambiance and true melody of vocals and sounds to create the ambiance of happiness and sadness into one.

This is a true track in memory of finding the truth and finding that way out of that whatever music prison in the best fashion possible throughout Noir!

Listen here: 

Released by: Noir Music – Release/catalogue number: NMB038

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