Stream: Ooggz – Welcome to Neptune

ooggz picture

It’s hard to find good rap music these days — its either incredibly misogynistic or is disguised dance music. Ooggz, a Bronx rapper who was given a soulful shout out by The Source, attempts to tell a good story with a versatility of rhymes.

Welcome to Neptune is his five-song EP, which was just released alongside his music video for Come on Down featuring Ayanna Williams.

Somewhere between Schoolboy Q and LL Cool J, Ooggz is still somewhat a mystery. But there’s something magnetic to his vibe. The opening and closing tracks on the EP are the best: Get Em has an opening swag that calls to mind a pre-married Jay-Z, while Ain’t What You Want brings bravado to bass.

Check out the Come On Down music video below and follow Ooggz on Twitter.