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Crazy Nôze Remix Extended Club Version this is a great vocal synapse of talented vocal magic. This track is a purpose driven powerhouse that will be killing the summer like the sun with a hot streak!
The Phonique Remix is a juicy piece of centric deep electro motif house mixed with a touch of hot pink rum punch! The LOPAZZ & Casio Casino Roofmix is a jazz joy of melodic Clive Davis motif. This track will keep the rooftops this summer working like no other as the flute melody of this remix is incredible with the vocal preludes all the way through this track.
Nick’s Call The Cops Remix is very elegant as if you called the cops they would be crazy to come as this remix has a very relaxing tempo and climatic perception with a more atmospheric windy Martha’s vineyard taste of a sound.
Crazy (Original) is very simple vocal significance with a great flavor for any sensual time to share with all that is true and has a immense vocal addiction and attraction that you will be singing over and over again.

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Released by: Get Physical Music – Release/catalogue number: GPM181 – Release date: May 18, 2012
Check out the video of the original version too:

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dRe▲m c▲Tcher in the Rye - MUSIC COMPOSER - SOUND DESIGNER- DJ - REMIXER - BLOGGER @Localsuicide @Wishyouwerehear from Paris . " Some DJ careers are built on hype. Emeraldia Ayakashi’s career is built on substance. A musician who thinks of music as energy, uses sound as a raw material, and sees the whole world as his instrument. " On 24th of August 2012, she released E.P " I Walk to the Beat of my Own Drum " with "Sometimes", "Orage" and "I Walk to the beat of my Own Drum" on Reiz Muzik ( IT ) .


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