Stream: Pegase – Dreaming Legend EP

The secret power of Pegase, is the one which transforms muses into constellations.

The key of his machines pulverizes the stars where we don’t expect it, at the crossroads of purity and eroticism, like a young girl in trance on the dance floor.
The aesthetics are disordered, bare, flying away higher in every surge.
The melody is true, strewed with syncopation, and takes off by watching the time disappearing far away and the groove invites itself in the beat of air pockets.
Pegase is a delicate child, with pale eyes, but from who the strength of the hoof blow makes spring a tear, a smile, clever swayed hips.

Pegase is a solo artist, but also artistic director, producer, sound engineer, DJ and co-founder of Fvtvr Records.

Taking advantage of a relatively recent nostalgia for vintage electronics in all its forms (analog electronic instruments, early video games etc.), poetry and naive retro futuristic synth spads 1970s has rejuvenated.

We also followed his already very synthetic compositions and harmonies with Minitel Rose and now with his project Pegase,  one of great success intuitive and imaginatative of this Synth Pop French Wave.

“Why are we still talking about unemployment? As it seems that everyday we are talking about it in newspaper, on television and radio. Maybe in order to fill, with images and sounds, the void or the lack, weather they are real or imagined…”

The ‘Dreaming Legend’ is out. Watch the video here if you are in Germany or here if not:

Directed by Paul Jeunet & Alain Goillon / Edited by Pegase.

‘Dreaming Legend’ out the 19th November 2012 on ‘Dreaming Legend EP’ Composed,recorded and mixed by Pegase at Fvtvr Stvdio, you can listen to it here:

Here is an exclusive and unreleased remix from the live guitar player of Pegase, in free download ” Pegase – Without Reasons ( Nachocheese remix ) ” :

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