Stream: Raime – Quarter Turns Over A Living Line LP

1st listen to Raime‘s album “Quarter Turns Over a Living Line“. I can’t move I sit still – the beats taking over my head. Beautiful…

Writing in the shadows, burrowing like rats and leaping out only when necessary. 

Here is the approach of Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, aka Raime, two sound manipulators from London, who released their LP on Blackest Ever Black, a young label that has risen from the pack in the past two years as an outpost of  dark electronics in the land of Albion. 
The self-titled debut of the two boys came out in 2010 and marks the birth of Kiran Sande‘s imprint, careful scrutinizing the underground British electronic scene. 

Three powerful industrial tracks immediately impose a radical departure from the trends of the moment, of all the dubstep lap of Kode9 and techno ultra minimalist, yet fashionable clubs of the music’s capital‘s praise Raime main focus on a forced isolation.

There is no heat inside it. His beats suggest an immense desolation. For each track you can see a wall of sound – often impassable.

Listening to Raime is like being thrown suddenly near disused steelworks, whose cars full of rust reject undefined bustles at irregular intervals, displaying only a cathartic sadness. “Quarter Turns Over at Living Line” is the the duo’s first LP and shows greater vigor as already seen in the previous three Eps. In the heart of this work lies a accumulation of shades designed to blend in unison totally detached from time.

Album track “Soil And Colts” is available to stream below, and it’s a forbidding introduction is characterised by foundry percussion and mangled orchestration. The cover art was produced by the band in cooperation with photographer William Oliver:

Your cast will Tire“:

Album preview

Watch the exclusive for The Guardian video here!

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