Stream: Raz Ohara – El Zahir


Raz Ohara new E.P “El Zahir”  inclusing remixes by acid pauli and the sorry entertainers ∞ (digital & vinyl) on Kindish Label.

El Zahir (Original) is that Jimmy Hendrix symphony feeling with a natural lick of acoustic guitar fusion entrusted with a percussion folk endless form. Very relaxing and enjoyable with awesome vocals to breathe in.

El Zahir (The Sorry Entertainers Remix) is a more futuristic outlook on this track as some will like it and others will find it more a sense of i will take it or leave it for someone else.

El Zahir (Acid Pauli’s Acid Dub) is a lick of that fresh acid feeling of juicy funk with an ambiance that trips you back and forth falling on your knee going down that grassy hill and waking up in disbelief.

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