Stream: Renato Figoli – Funkoholic

AMAM025_CoverArtworkWeb_frontRenato Figoli, after a 5-year absence, decided to come back and release “Funkoholic” on his friend Alessio Mereu‘s label AMAM. No wonder the album makes you think of sea and sun, Renato comes from the beautiful island of Sardinia. “Underwater” really gives you an underwater feeling. “Anymore” reminds me of Telepopmusik’s “Breathe” easiness and Madonna’s “Bedtime Stories” – that was written by Björk – weirdness and sexiness, but with a jazz intellectual feel to it. “Funkoholic” is as the name implies a completely funky track with loops that are very close to becoming psychedelic. “And Again” is a track that I would love to listen to while chilling at the beach. “Buck A Guy” is a very playful track, that makes you move even if you’re sitting. “Call One” and “Super Lemon Vapor” are both “underwater”, the first one more groovy and the latter more chill out and ambient. “Morning Express” and “Night Express” give out fast vibes, the morning one more sunny with birds singing in the background and the night one more sensual. “Funkoholic” is a jazzy, funky, dub album with techno and house elements, that you will love!

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