Stream: Rodion & Local Suicide – Abu Dhabi

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 15.54.46
Today finally the first original track of our upcoming ‘Abu Dhabi / True Love Floats EP’ on My Favorite Robot Records with Italian producer Rodion got premiered via Gouranga. ‘Abu Dhabi‘ is the EP-opener which includes samples from field recordings from all over the world. The most prominent is the recording from an airport in Bangkok—where we were waiting to catch their plane to Saigon— and it ended up being the main vocal hook. The alluring track is a wonky feeling number with gurgling synth lines and gentle releases of white noise lulling you into the groove. A searching synth line and distant siren add urgency and the whole thing feels urban and futuristic. Listen to it below and please share it with your friends!