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The Eyes in The Heat formed in 2009: two musicians from London whose talents and diverse backgrounds came together to form something dark and sonorous.

Their style combines powerful, melodic vocals; jagged guitar noise; and sparse, hard-hitting, programmed beats – a kind of avant-garde pop, with elements of future blues, and hints of movie soundtracks.
Often referencing contemporary art and literature, they are not afraid of experimenting with abstract forms and ideas – an approach to music that is as intelligent as it is emotionally captivating.

Zizi Kanaan (vocals, synths), is half Lebanese/American, and grew up in many different places. Her lyrics often reveal her interest in various folk musics, especially that of the early cowboys, combining notions of the epic and poetic with the brutal realities of everyday life.
Oliver Ho (electronics, guitar) is an established and critically acclaimed composer of electronic music, releasing many albums and EPs both under his own name, and as ‘Raudive’.
He also DJs worldwide.
Jerome Tcherneyan (drums/percussion). who joined the band in 2011, grew up in Marseille, moving to London before joining the band, Piano Magic, with whom he has released several albums. He has worked with many artists including Cocteau Twins and Low, and his work in the percussion and DJ world brings a unique dimension to the The Eyes in The Heat’s live experience.

THE EYES IN THE HEAT release “programME” their first album on KILL THE DJ Records .
Post punk /  Mutant Electro Pop / Dark wave /  Psychobilly disco / Techno rock / call it as you want…

ProgramME, is an ambitious record, multi-directional but its two feet standing firm in TEITH own backyard. Like in the eponymous Jackson Pollock painting, layers and drippings are a chaos making sense. The ProgramME is one, but, like all good manifestos, it will take its final meaning through your reading only. Nothing is imposed, all is superimposed.

TEITH have a lot to say and they say it in many different ways. We’ve never put our words in  the mouth of our artists. Take these as clues, not guidelines.
After the non-innocent (openings and interludes never are) YELLOW WALLS and the first single  AMATEUR, THE UPPER LIMITS defies hasty categorization.
This is intimate electronics projected on a very big screen, a mix (harmonica and an rnb tinge?) that works because it dares.
THINK IN LOOPS and FLORIDA (their evidence blurred by the statics of SIGNAL) concentrate what first grabbed us in TEITH : machine rock, the eighties echoed in the moment, as they say  ‘ambiguity between real sounds and artificial ones’, the harshness of love and happy memories in the distance.
If there is existential pain in WATER, it comes with the brutality of concrete.
No self pity, but a rhythmic angst, analog drumming to an urban pulse.
It may not seem obvious but there is some of the rawness of original hip hop in TEITH’s manifesto. Only it is never used as an alibi.
It is digested, renewed. As shows their impressive cover of Mc 900 ft Jesus’ ‘Dali’s hangun’ drawn as THE PERFECT GUN.

When played by Ivan Smagghe on the Beats in Space radio show, it got stupendous reactions. Fully deserved but also gratifying for a version that proudly wears its gender and musical ambiguity.
After a NEXT STOP that is not one, the road lays open for STARE.
This is a drive that starts in a  garage, grease and tight black leather, but will take us to wider spaces, through BLOOD, much  more than a Suicide rip off, a motorik pulse of no beat, a trip curling up in its own ‘chemical blanket’.
TAKEN, is a brilliant effort in computer psychobilly, epic in the best way.

It ends up in the rubber burn of GOOD MORNING MIDNIGHT, reminding us that if Cramps are Gods, we still want to look ahead. Then the engines stop. We are LOST.

Now this ProgramME is a real journey. Not for the faint hearted, the TEITH road is more than a speed highway, it is a rocky road through unknown landscapes. But in times of safe, by the mile, music, the reward comes to those who ride this train to nowhere, not to those who jump on the bandwagon.

Listen to the Eyes in the Heat’s album Program Me here :

 A special gift for our readers  The Eyes In The Heat – Blood (Daniel Avery Remix) to listen and download for free here :

You can watch the video of ” Florida” here :

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