Theatre Review: Before I Go

Before I Go is the first production from REVOLVEr dance theatre,  a contemporary dance project based out of Berlin. In their own words the performance “focuses on two characters who are put in a specific and fragile situation in which both communication and sense of direction have been lost. The two individuals are seen dealing with ideas of trust, lack of impulse, and exhaustion, in order to rediscover their identity through the process of letting each other go.

As a first time attendee of a contemporary dance show I was stunned at the ability of dance to deliver such a complex set of ideas to the audience. The choreography of João Cidade was lyrical in its form describing what seemed to be the disintegration of a relationship between two lovers. Edith Buttingsrud and Klaus Bitto bodies gyrated and clawed at each other and themselves throughout the 25minute show. Violent and tense at times, delicate, tender and damaged at others. The energy in the starkly lit black room was vicious. Noise musician Michael Bennetsen  soundtracked the show with his live guitar, effects and thumb piano compositions. It was wild.

Contemporary dance may seem confronting to some who have never been, me included, but I myself left feeling liberated. It is such a free medium. A form unlike film and music that is unshackled from the burden and conditioning of cliche. Especially tackling a subject matter as loaded as the male/female relationship. If you have never been to a contemporary dance show and are looking for something to freshen up your week then i urge you to go check it out. If you are familiar, then take a look at Revolver’s upcoming shows. You can check them out here

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