Video: DENA – Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools

denaWhen I first watched this video in the summer, I was amazed by it and couldn’t stop watching it. Seeing Denitza Todorova aka DENA live last week at a Berlin Fashion Week Party at Prince Charles reminded me how much I like her and with her EP coming out soon on Kitsune, I thought it was a good time to post her video. Dena comes originally from Bulgaria, but has been living for some years now in Berlin and you can actually tell by her lyrics. She is talking about how she doesn’t care about cash and diamond rings and all she wants to do is to hang out with her friends by swimming pools. But guess what? We are in Berlin, so there is practically no summer, or if there is one, it is way too short. And as a Southern European of course she misses the sun, but then again apparently really likes Berlin and is still here. Oh well you can’t have everything I guess! Coming from the south myself  though, I totally know what she means and identify with her! The video is amazing too, taking place at a flea market, where you can see locals either dancing to her tunes or staring at her. And surprise surprise: The Whitest Boy Alive‘s Erlend Oye makes a cameo too!

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