New Video: Gesaffelstein – Preview for Conspiracy, Pt. II

We had loved Conspiracy Pt 1, in which techno bomb Gesaffelstein had demonstrated his talent. We will certainly love even more the second part, which is still furious.
For the gentleman, with the very dark beauty of a thriller worthy of a French 70’s movie, has put together three tracks that look like indictments, candy flavored blood and sweat of the venom of the beast.
Rape of languorous (no naughty pun not hidden here) to psychedelic Conspiracy Origins, through the (very) noisy OPR, Gesaffelstein takes us to the heart of the icy world, takes us to our room in a club or ladle in a post-apocalyptic landscape, or procrastinate and never get lost. For it is indeed the force of this techno tainted: it homogenizes the world of Gesaffelstein and is somewhat in contrast to his cool charisma and his unfriendly music, also imaged by the furious clip rape you can find it below.

The new videoclip by  Project «Ghostrider » was born from the desire of two fixed gear passionates who decided to film their night strolling in the french capital city. As a result, they created a mind blowing video you cannot look away from, since the mastered elegance of the black & white contrasts with a frightening visual reality, increased by the oppressive beats of Gesaffelstein, the new prodigy on the techno scene.

The producer’s atmosphere seduced the riders and the idea of a collaboration naturally grew up. “Viol” (from his upcoming “Conspiracy Pt.2 ” EP, out July 19th on Turbo Recordings), full of howling and heady sirens, was obviously the right track to illustrate this out-of-time night ride.

The crew is now chock-full of ideas and various projects so watch out ! You might run into them at dawn…

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