New Video: Superbus – All Alone

After already more than 10 years career, Superbus strikes back !

Jennifer Ayache and her band are proud to present the single All Alone, from their fifth album: Sunset. The depth of the first electronic pieces of a new decade, dense arrangements, full and intense, powerful guitars that are expected to develop all its intensity during their live sessions.

The song title is somewhat symbolic. Words have meaning, the breathing of the voice that moves imperceptibly. The clip is well done, with an atmosphere close to the film by Nicolas Winding Refn: DriveIt reveals a lonely Los Angeles and open spaces in harmony with the words .

Conditioned by Hollywood movies, TV shows and magazines ‘people’, our image of the “City of Angels” is often distorted. Villas of stars, beaches bimbos, but also gangsters, prostitutes and ghettos…Which of these faces is the “true”? The answer is none, and all at once as this cute clip, vintage colors that gives us the desires of LA. in slow motion. Mark Maggiori depicts Jennifer Ayache walking alone and lonely in the city streets with a vintage look rather sexy chic.

Reading the headlines of the album, a surprise is in the spotlight, the group has the honor to work and do a duet with Richie Sambora, the guitarist of Bon Jovi released his third solo in September.

The recording of Sunset itself was made in January 2012 in EastWest Studios in Los Angeles.

They collaborated with producer Billy Bush famous for working alongside with Butch Vig, the husband of Garbage‘s Shirley Manson and having worked on albums by Beck, Alanis Morissette and Korn.

You can watch the video below:

With the release of Sunset scheduled on August 27th, a new tour “CLUB TOUR” is planned by COULLIER Productions. Superbuswill be including in Bordeaux on November 8, 17, in Clermont-Ferrand, 22 in Brussels to Lille on 25, Dec. 7 in Marseille and 11 at the Olympia in Paris & more updates on the website.

Buy the first single on itunes.


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