Video: Vision the Kid & Tru – Devil

Vision the Kid & Tru

Just in time for Devil’s night on Thursday, check out Devil, the first video for the first single from Vision the Kid & Tru, a rapper and producer duo from Minneapolis.

They channel the art of 1990s rap in their second release Somewhere in a Dark City. Delve into old school rap storytelling – there is actually a narrative going on – in this track, which veers from vulnerable thoughts to heartbreak and alleyway tales. Since the duo saw success with their debut album Lost Summer, which lasted 10 weeks on the CMJ hip-hop charts at #12, this is the indie voice of Minneapolis, dubbed “party as it is poetry.”

The lyrics “I ride the beat until it bottoms out” opens up in Roll Call featuring DJ Snuggles, Yo-Dot, Homeless and Freez. Vision the Kid, he has a vision and heart. Minnesota represent.