Local Suicide, Skelesys – Faster Faster

Artists:              Local Suicide & Skelesys
Title:                 Faster Faster (Part of VA Compilation ‘Curses Presents Next Wave Acid Punx’)
Label:               Eskimo Recordings
Cat No:            FT030
Barcode:          541416512324
Distribution:     N.E.W.S
Formats:          2LP / 3CD / DLD / Stream
Release:          June 4th, 2021

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‘Next Wave Acid Punx’ is a 38-track journey across nearly 40 years of dark club music compiled and curated by Berlin-based Musician and DJ, Luca Venezia aka Curses.

Inviting friends with a like-minded affection for an 80s rooted sound, and diving deep into his record collection, Curses has put together a three CD/double vinyl set that takes us from music by Colourbox and Suicide to EBM pioneers, Front 242 through to recent club hits from Zombies in Miami, and 12 brand new, totally exclusive tracks from the likes of Shubostar, Chinaski, and Curses himself.

Exploring the darker side of club music, ‘Next Wave Acid Punx’ traces decades of a musical passion and joins the dots between the EBM, New Beat, Italo and Acid House tracks of the 1980s to present music of today.

Curses aka Luca Venezia, Berlin in February 2021:

„Putting together a compilation like this is a strange experience. I’ve never been one to stay still too long. Whether as a musician, DJ, or producer I’d never wanted to tie myself down to one scene or one sound, always looking to move on before I’d maybe run a project completely dry.

With an album you create a snapshot of who you are during that time in life, with a DJ set maybe just that night, but this felt more like trying to sum up a lifetime of musical experiences. A bit daunting! But in putting this comp together I did find a path that led from listening to FRONT 242 and Ministry cassettes in my bedroom when I was just 11, through to the music I make and play today.

What links these tracks together, is an attitude. It’s one I’ve been drawn to since I was a teenager, playing in punk bands, skateboarding in NYC, hanging out at CBGBs, and following Sonic Youth around, to eventually raving every weekend at underground drum & bass and electro nights.


CD1 Next Wave Acid Punx Chapter 1. Origins (Classics)

01. Borghesia – Z.M.R.
02. Gina X Performance – Kaddish
03. Suicide – Wild In Blue (2005 Remaster)
04. Demolition Group – You Better Stay Alive
05. A Split Second – Flesh
06. BPM AM – Come To Me (Vocal Version)
07. Ted Milton – Love Is Like A Violēnce
08. Front 242 – Funkhadafi
09. Colourbox – Fast Dump
10. Yello – Lost Again (Extended Dance Version)
11. Mystery – Mystery Girl (Club Mix Remastered) 12. In-D – Virgin In-D Sky‘s
13. Judy Torres – No Reason To Cry (Instrumental) 14. Hard Corps – Porte Bonheur (Lucky Charm) 2021

CD2 Next Wave Acid Punx Chapter 2. Break A Sweat (Recent)

15. Moderna & Theus Mago – Francesca (Wild At Heart)
16. Middle Sky Boom feat. Eliezer – Slow With The Run (Il Est Vilaine Remix) 17. Tiempo De Maldad – Maxico (Alvee Remix)
18. Zombies In Miami – El Wild
19. Moscoman – Fernandez
20. Juan Maclean feat. Fantastic Twins – She‘s Breaking Up
21. Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys – Kronos (Wild Mix)
22. Zakmina – Viral News
23. Radial Gaze – Totem Echoes (You Man Remix)
24. Paresse – Temple
25. Rina x Benji x Megaphonim – Ani Cham
26. Modular Project – Electronic Disco (Curses Remix)

CD3 Next Wave Acid Punx Chapter 3. Maximum Heat (Exclusives)

27. Curses – Discipline
28. Chinaski – Hart Und Kalt
29. Shubostar – AYA
30. Cornelius Doctor – Life In Chains
31. Mufti – Restrained
32. Amarcord – Spleen
33. Franz Scala – Shortwave Memories
34. Tronik Youth – Spirit Dancer
35. Cardopusher – Escape From Reality
36. Kendal & David Carretta – Pastaga
37. Local Suicide & Skelesys – Faster Faster 38. Pablo Bozzi – Storm in Dallas

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Selected DJ Feedback:
“big! contains a load of my all time faves” Optimo
“Nice to revisit some old friends!” Sean Johnston
“Killer Selection” Max Pask

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Patrick Pulsinger, Simon Lebon, Makossa, Sebastian Schlachter, DJ RIM-K, Ramon Tapia, Front De Cadeaux, My Favorite Robot, Leri Ahel, DJ Montana, Roberto Rodriguez, Silicone Soul, Nomenklatur, Don Rimini, La Mverte, Il Est Vilaine, Phred Noir, Binda, Damon Jee, Id!r, Marcel Dettmann, Patrick Selzer, Bomb Boutique, Ilario Alicante, Âme, Ingo Sänger, Acid Washed, Dada Disco, BARRcode, ROTCIV, JEPE, Franz Matthews, Holger Hecler, Dominik Marz, Esther Duijn, Philipp Strobel, Daniel Myer, Anna Hitova, Echonomist, The Rattler Proxy, Sobek, Sasha Carassi, Markantonio, Leo Mas, Roberto Clementi, Joseph DL, I-Robots, Daniel Monaco, V, Roe Deers, Mystery Affair, Colossio, Pedro Martins, Paco Osuna, Angel Molina, Teniente Castillo, Mordisco, Mimetic, Slam Orde, Optimo, The Advent, Pablo Contraband, Sean Johnston, Duncan Gray, Tronik Youth, Francesca Lombardo, Dario Dea, Tech Support, Alex Virgo, Super Drama, John Digweed, Pathaan, Chris Coco, Kiara Scuro, Oisin Lunny, Monty Luke, Stacey Pullen, Dmux, Max Pask, Cantor, Miimo, LISSA, Melanie Havens, Captain E, Odilon’s Grip, Smith Philipps

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